A public artwork installation.

As part of a public artwork installation, Fly By Night, by Duke Riley - 10XBeta was tasked with illuminating the sky by means of thousands of carrier pigeons. An ode to the once popular culture of pigeon keeping, Riley’s latest piece sought to decorate the twilight skies with beautifully luminous flight.

L.E.D. lights were to be humanly fastened to the legs of pigeons, reminiscent of the historic leg bands used to carry messages. This meant creating battery-powered L.E.D. modules that did not consume energy until the lights were signaled by the master transmitter. This allowed the modules to last for a weekend of flights and be removed during the week for battery replacement and cleaning. Finding a manufacturer that could produce 2000 radio modules, developed in-house at Blinkinlabs, proved to be another hurdle, but together we pulled through and hundreds of people witnessed the beautiful show.