Meet the team.


We are an international team of multidisciplinary designers and engineers, passionately shaping the future of consumer, industrial, and health products.



Marcel Botha is an entrepreneur, engineer, architect, and investor. He experiments with simple hardware ideas on the edge between consumer and medical products. Relevant experiments are then commercialized. Marcel specializes in guiding product development teams from concept to viable product and is currently locked in a wave of parallel experimentation, feeding off his passion for product acceleration and digital manufacturing. In 2012 he co-founded Infant Ventures LLC, a company innovating at the stress-points between infants and parents, and was one of the inventors behind the much acclaimed Spuni feeding product. In 2010 Marcel co-founded Patients Pending Ltd where he developed a groundbreaking diabetes product called Timesulin, that helps Diabetics manage their Insulin compliance. Through his consulting firm 10xBETA, he has helped numerous medical professionals test, develop, and commercialize products ranging from electronic stethoscopes and colposcopes, to surgical instruments. From 2006 to 2009, Marcel was COO and Director of Design at SNIF Labs (now General Sensing), a MIT Media Lab inspired company developing mesh networked sensing products for commercial and healthcare applications. In 2005 Marcel was awarded an NSF fellowship; Affiliations included MIT Smart Cities, MIT Mobile Experience Lab, MIT Digital Design and Fabrication Group, and MIT Center for Bits and Atoms.



Ellen Crane is an Industrial Designer from the Victoria University School of Design, NZ. There she developed a real interest for human-centered design and the foreseen applications of 3D printing technologies in the medical industry. After participating in many streams of design, she continues to hone her skills in user research and concept development. Ellen has a passion for creating and innovating products that have an impact, and is constantly developing her skills as a holistic design thinker. Recently, Ellen gained experience is in physical prototyping and prop building in the film industry, where she learned a great deal about material qualities, applications, and fabrication.


CAITlin dickerboom

Caitlin Dickerboom is a business and operations strategist who develops iterative learning processes and collaborative environments for high-functioning teams. With a background in biochemistry, healthcare ethics, and design management, she applies systems thinking and process design to internal and venture initiatives. Caitlin also worked to deploying electronic health records systems across the country, learning the pain points physician and nurse pain points, and understanding how critical the migration to digital healthcare is. These experience enable Caitlin to empathetically approach business and clients, while driving deeper connections across product initiatives.


SIMON Ellison
INNOVATION & Technology

As a New Zealand born native, Simon is driven by creativity and innovation. A lifelong passion for exploration saw him graduate university and move to New York City. Simon’s goal, to pursue design as a vanguard in the fast paced and unprecedented environment he knew it to be. Since arriving, Simon has built interactive clouds, developed revolutionary kitchen equipment, and helped to kickstart products across the world. After taking time off to sail the North Atlantic Ocean Simon soon realized his most valuable days were spent creating. As an ode to thirty days spent drifting between horizons he vouched to spend an entire month devoted to creating one product per day. His pursuit to create daily only grew stronger and he now channels that into the daily work at 10XBeta.


innovation & strategy

Berk Ilhan is a product and experience designer transforming unpleasant experiences into delightful ones. His portfolio includes an extensive variety of projects ranging from healthcare experiences to modular furniture systems, and virtual reality interfaces to futuristic household appliances. Berk’s work has been recognized by various international design competitions such as the iF Design Award, IDEA, Red Dot, and A’ Design Award. His Red Dot Award-winning self-balanced sweeping set, earned Berk a full scholarship to pursue his MFA at the School of Visual Arts Products of Design Program in New York. Based on a hypothesis that through design, joy and humor can positively affect most human experiences, Berk conducted a year-long thesis project called Uplift, which addresses cancer patients' quality of life by identifying opportunities that cultivate their joy and happiness, and strengthening the support groups around them.


Arjun Kalyanpur
Medtech Industrial Design and Development

Arjun Kalyanpur is a designer by way of engineering. He graduated with a B.S. in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College in 2009, followed by an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University in 2012. Over the years to follow, he applied his knowledge and skills at a retail packaging company, quickly developing and launching several products for luxury cosmetics brand La Prairie Switzerland. Learning firsthand what it meant to take products from the whiteboard to store shelves, Arjun was inspired to pursue a design career. He completed his product design graduate degree in 2017, as part of SVA's MFA program, Products of Design. At 10xBeta, Arjun hopes to improve human lives and experiences by using his diverse skills and previous experience on projects ranging from consumer goods to cutting-edge medical devices.


Carrie Kengle

Carrie Kengle is a self-taught software and hardware engineer. After receiving her degree in Political Science, she began teaching herself how to program at a pioneering handheld computer software distributor. Having found a passion for working with machines, she continued as a lead developer at advertising agencies including Sapient, JWT, and R/GA in New York, London, and Tokyo. In 2008, she began to explore interacting with machines beyond web and mobile. These explorations led to incorporating gesture recognition and other sensor-based interactions in installations for globally recognized clients. Inspired by the possibilities in human-computer interaction, she continues to teach herself and others about connected devices, computer vision, and robotics, and is currently an entrepreneur in residence at 10xBETA, part of New Lab. Her work has won awards at Cannes, One Show Interactive, and the London International Awards.


Jan du Preez
DESIGN for manufacturing

Jan du Preez is an industrial designer with more than a decade of experience in product design. He has collaborated on several projects to achieve prestigious awards like the Red Dot Design Award. From concepts that are playful to the technical side of engineering his work ranges from consumer electronics, medical device design, architectural installations, jig and tool design, and interactive kiosks. Combined with a good understanding of the client’s needs and an in-depth understanding of manufacturing, he has successfully positioned numerous products on the global market.



Nick Safian
Medtech Research and Development

Nick Safian is an undergraduate at Princeton University, where he studies the History of Science in addition to pursuing a pre-medical course of study. He has been granted early admission to Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University’s Innovation & Design Application (IDeA) Program, a four-year co-curricular program that, in addition to the normal med school curriculum, teaches an “out-of-the-box” approach to medicine through the lens of design thinking. Nick brings this to his work at 10XBeta, conducting in-depth market research on the current and future trends of the life-science industry. In addition, he utilizes this human-centered design approach in solving a variety of healthcare challenges including novel medical device development, surgical solutions, and treatment techniques.


christina sicoli
product & experience

Christina Sicoli is an industrial and brand designer, specializing in creating experiences through products. With a diverse background, her process is defined by the ability to blend interior, industrial and graphic field experience into different design approaches. Her work focuses largely on examining relationships between people, objects, and environments to create meaningful interactions; challenging people to look past objects, and engage in their surroundings. Sicoli’s minimalist style distills objects to their fundamental purpose, providing reason for her design decisions. This ensures simple yet engaging pieces which aim to stay with their users for years to come.



For the past decade, Manuel has helped his clients bridge business and design by combining a deep expertise in developing and implementing communication strategies with an unmatched ability to craft compelling visual storytelling. In 1998 he joined Zago and helped shape the design consultancy into a world-class corporate identity and visual communication practice. Under his leadership the studio broadened its scope of services, industry reach and its creative vision. Zago’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, international nonprofits, start-ups and global brands. The studio has received several prestigious awards, won international competitions and its work has been accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Getty Museum. Manuel holds an MFA in photography and related media from the School of Visual Arts, where he also taught as a faculty member, and a BFA in photography from Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. He serves in the communications advisory board at Human Rights Watch, is a board member of photo agency VII, and acts as National Director of Social Engagement for Design for Good at the AIGA. Manuel has lived in the Soviet Union, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and England, before relocating to the United States in 1988. He is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English.