DART Metrix

Revolutionizing agility training, athletic performance, and rehabilitation.

DART is a revolutionary training platform that combines smart technologies and robotics to improve athlete agility and performance through the use of quantifiable metrics. Via an athlete wearable and on-field training device, the DART provides a first-of-its-kind agility measurement system for athlete performance quantification while customizable routes allow for sport- and situation-specific testing and analytics. By making agility quantifiable, DART allows coaches and athletes to use data-driven metrics to gauge performance and improve as individual athletes and across teams as a whole.


Together with founding partners Paul Mazzanobile and Evan Baumgarten, we designed, engineered and developed DART, the Dynamic Agility Reaction Trainer. DART is the first autonomous robot and sensing platform for agility training, athletic performance development and rehabilitation. A ground-breaking robot, DART introduces a new training methodology for all athletes, challenging and developing the athlete’s cognitive reaction skills with non-traditional cues.


Mazzanobile and Baugarten first approached 10XBeta after hearing of our success developing the PUMA BeatBot. Their journey started long before, however, when they caught wind of a serious athletic anomaly—Muck City, Florida. This small town on the edge of Lake Okeechobee, Florida holds the record for the most NFL players ever. Despite a small population of roughly 17,000 people, a staggering 60 plus professional NFL players have come out of this small town.

Why such a high incidence of NFL players? Here we find creative athletes find sport in chasing and catching the rabbits that inhabit the deserted sugar cane fields. This early cognitive co-development of speed and reaction time led to a high level of agility. Mazzanobile and Baumgarten envisioned a product that could help train your brain in the same way and filed their intellectual property around the concept.

Agility > Speed

  • Kinaesthetic differentiation
  • Spatial orientation
  • Reaction signals
  • Instinctive reactions
  • Synchronization of movements
  • Balance

10XBeta was keen to develop the DART MVP and sensing platform. Over the course of 10 months, the team worked to take over the drive controllers of an off-the-shelf RC car, develop an autonomous robot controlled with smart device, wearable sensors, digital platform for tracking and peer-peer competition. Designing a shell that was aerodynamic, had an eye-level beacon, and covered the wheels as to not give away directional changes to the athlete.

The result, by far one of our favorites. The DART surpassed all our expectations and we cannot wait for the next phase of development.

We’re actively seeking partners for the next phase of development. If interested, please drop us a line below.