Everything we do together is focused on impact, scalability, and adoption. We support initiatives with decades of experience in research, emerging technologies, design, and engineering, to forge new market categories and shift the future. We employ a design process tailored to the needs of the project.


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Research & Discovery

Understanding the users and the market with which we’ll play.

  • Ethnographic Research

  • Market Research & Consumer Insights

  • Brand Design

  • User Experience


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Proof of Concept

Leveraging expertise and pushing the boundaries of feasibility.

  • Technical Feasibility

  • Custom Prototype Electronics

  • Mechanical & Electrical Integration

  • Concept Sketches


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Product Development

Bringing brand and vision to life in a physical form to affect perception, user interaction, and market definition.

  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

  • Software & Firmware Engineering

  • User Interface Design

  • Prototype Fabrication & Assembly


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Working with a network of highly skilled manufacturing partners around the world to bring products to market quickly.

  • Tooling Optimization

  • Assembly Design

  • Tooling & Material Quoting

  • Manufacturer Vetting & Sampling

  • Vendor & Production Management


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Designing and developing the underlying platforms for ideal performance and experience.

  • Technology Feasibility Studies

  • Alpha Testing

  • Proof-of-Concept Development

  • Embedded Electronics

  • Scalable Enterprise Hardware & Software


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