Empowering better care.

Each year thousands of patients suffer from adverse events during hospital stays such as falls, medication errors, procedural errors, and pressure-related injuries. These events are largely attributed to a lack of quality interaction with medical staff.



Founders Michael Wang and Paul Coyne met in nursing school and continued to work together at New York Presbyterian (NYP). Their work in clinical bedside nursing and analytics shed a light on many inefficiencies in the hospital setting and led to many months of research and brainstorming, trying to find ways to solve problems clinicians face every day. Together, they conceptualized the idea of the world’s first cognitive patient care assistant.

Shortly after receiving their initial investment, 10XBeta was brought on to design and develop a suite of smart products that would achieve their goal of assisting patient care while giving physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators a clear picture of the care provided to patients and adherence to federal standards.


Inside Inspiren

To start, 10XBeta conducted a series of workshops to determine a range of technical paths. These would determine the quality and frequency of interactions with patients, along with initial design considerations for creating an unobtrusive system to monitor bedside interactions within a patient’s room. As the technical specifications evolved, 10XBeta worked to build a team of architects, designers, and engineers to work together on the Inspiren platform.

Through intentional hardware redundancies, a custom radio frequency antenna, infrared computer vision system, and a small form-factor BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon, the Inspiren system can precisely and accurately detect the quality of care provided to patients—hospital-wide—allowing for better understanding and a higher standard of care.




Call Bell & Base

Call Bell & Base

Patient Tag

Patient Tag

Swing Tag

Swing Tag


All together now.

Through the orchestration of cutting-edge technologies, the qualitative care management system includes the Inspiren device, located above the patient’s bed, which collects and analyzes data surrounding patient interaction. This data is assisted by a series of sensors that live within the patient’s call bell and in the nurse or physician badge lanyards.

The suite of sensors capture, analyze, and relay data to the main nursing station. From here, nurses, doctors, and care management providers are able to clearly see which patients need additional support and accurately monitor patient interactions.




Clinic pilot ready.

10XBeta carefully evaluated and selected mechanical and electrical fabrication partners to manufacture the initial clinical pilot units and high-volume runs.

Developed the tooling for injection molding and worked hand-in-hand with manufacturers to reach the target quality, setting manufacturing standards.

Guided the Inspiren team through a full-scale Pilot and Pitch Program, reaching potential investors both inside and outside of New Lab network.

Inspiren has gone on to be nominated for, and win, many design and innovation awards, including:

2019 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Finalists Nominee

2019 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Finalists Nominee

2018 Fast Company Innovation by Design Linda Tischler Award Winner

2018 Fast Company Innovation by Design Linda Tischler Award Winner

2019 Gold Winner Medical Technology & Tools

2019 Gold Winner
Medical Technology & Tools




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