Injectable intramuscular sensors for real-time monitoring.

When Charles Allan, founder and CEO of NxtSens, approached us to help design and engineer MyoVue, a intramuscular pressure sensor for patients at risk of developing Acute Compartment System, we couldn’t wait to get started. Sensing human physiology, and determining how to interface with the information captured, is an intersection we’re old fans of. 

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When caring for patients who have suffered a long-bone fracture, physicians must monitor the internal pressure of muscles in the injured region. If pressure in the area spikes, as in Acute Compartment Syndrome, the patient experiences severe pain and in some cases death of muscle tissue. 

MyoVue seeks to add a layer of situational clarity, empowering physicians by giving them a read out of the intramuscular pressure in real time. Additionally, MyoVue improves patient care by protecting them from multiple painful pressure sampling throughout the day. 

The pressure sensor is placed into the muscle via the MyoVue needle, the sensor is then released from the delivery device and adhered to the patient's skin for continuous and highly accurate monitoring. In placing the sensor inside the muscle, taking real-time, second-by-second measurements, over 40% of pressure measurement error is eliminated. 


We conducted a series of user interviews and user-led research studies to determine the best possible hand position for comfortable insertion, easy sensor detachment from the insertion needle, and placement of the display on patient. The custom clip design works to securely hold the sensor housing in place before and during insertion. It then allows for a same hand release of the sensor, from the parent housing. This reduces the tension on the inserted sensor and allows for easy sensor placement on the patient. In parallel, we led naming, branding, interface UX, and packaging design, to complete the launch package.

MyoVue is currently working through clinical trials and should be available for purchase in 2018. 


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