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Tracking the last dose.

Timesulin, an insulin pen-cap timer with bluetooth-enabled dose capture technology for your insulin pen, was created to help insulin users track insulin dosing in an easy way for better management. Beginning with the underlying objective of alleviating the anxiety of not knowing whether you’ve taken your insulin injection—a problem facing 77% of insulin users up to six times per month—Timesulin set out to help avoid missed or double injections and pacify the anxiety of not knowing.  



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The 10XBeta team joined the project as a co-venture innovation partner to disrupt the existing insulin smartcap market. Using human-centered design approaches and design-led research techniques, the team designed a new smartcap mechanism with the ability to scale across multiple insulin platforms, resulting an entirely new business model. 

Human Centered Design
We discovered that although smartcaps were already prevalent in the insulin market, a huge drawback was they were developed to be brand-specific and that users tended to change insulin brands on a regular basis. This sort of cap exclusivity only served the brand and not the patient. 

Based on these two pain points the design, and ultimately the overall business model of Timesulin, was created to better serve insulin patients and their behaviors universally. 


Business Model Innovation
User research informed our design decisions which ultimately shaped the way we structured our Timesulin’s business model. We designed and engineered a mechanism that allowed for multiple uses across the top three insulin brands protecting customers from being locked into certain brands because of the smart cap. On day one of our launch we covered over 32% of the insulin market. This allowed for rapid scaling and distribution to over 50 different countries. 

Timesulin was acquired by Bigfoot Medical INC in early June of 2017. Bigfoot Biomedical is a medical device company focused on using machine learning to optimize insulin delivery for people with insulin-dependent diabetes. Patients Pending LTD, Timesulin’s parent company, was brought on to support a startup currently in development, focused on automated insulin delivery ecosystems.

Bigfoot Medical completed its first clinical trial in late 2016 and anticipates a pivotal trial for its first automated system beginning in late 2017 at clinical study sites across the United States.
We look forward to seeing how Bigfoot incorporates Timesulin into their pursuit of insulin delivery solutions and the improved health outcomes for those using insulin.  


Project Team

Marcel Botha  (Science and Engineering lead)
Berk Ilhan (Design) 
Simon Ellison (Fabrication Engineering) 
Ellen Crane (Fabrication Engineering)

D’Wayne Edwards (Design Critique)
Andrea Lauer (Fashion Technologist and Shoe Design)
Jeanette Subero (Design and fabrication)
Katie Treidl (3D modeling)

David Ulan (Final Shoe Production) 
Aaron Keppel (Sample Shoe)
Anne Marika Verploegh Chassé (First Pair) 

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The Carbon XPRIZE is a $20 Million global competition hosted by energy company, NRG, to inspire companies and entrepreneurs to develop breakthrough technologies for converting CO₂ emissions  into valuable products like building materials, alternative fuels, and consumer products we use every day.

To kick off the competition, 10XBeta was commissioned to create a sneaker that showcased how consumer products could benefit from the use of recycled CO2 at the object, system, and materials level. The process required extensive material science and biochemistry research, as well as support from partners in shoe and fashion design, sourcing, and manufacturing.