Reducing worker's risk.

StrongArm Technologies has created a suite of products focused on reducing workplace injuries among industrial athletes—think, warehouse employees and delivery drivers. The StrongArm team asked us to design and develop their next generation FUSE sensor and docking mechanism, a sensing system that compliment their extensive software and data analytics that use machine learning to monitor the risk of musculoskeletal injuries



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StrongArm enlisted 10XBeta to redesign this system with additional sensing technology, miniaturization of current electronics, and careful attention to ergonomics and form. Focusing on a three-part system including the lightweight sensor unit, a breathable sensor harness, and a smart charging dock for their large corporate contracts. Integrating with a data transfer and identity management system.



• Ergonomic design
• Robust sensing technology
• Breathable yet secure
• Ability to weather environments
• Weight reduction of 35% or more


10XBeta’s rapid ideation abilities and close proximity to the Strongarm team meant an evolving co-design process between teams. Our skillsets allowed us to accelerate the developement process with scalability and risk reduction in mind. The result, a robust sensor system that employees are proud to wear. Our fnal sensor showcases a funcitonal computational design with IP65 rated waterproofng membrane that make the sensor indestructible.

  • Marcel Botha — CEO & Founder
  • Simon Ellison — Innovation & Technology
  • Ellen Crane  — Concept & Realization
  • Johan Bredenkamp — Industrial Design
  • Jan Du Preez — Industrial Design
  • Arjun
  • Onar