Keeping Industrial Athletes protected, productive and proud.

StrongArm Technologies has created a suite of products focused on reducing workplace injuries amongst industrial athletes—think, warehouse employees and delivery drivers. In late 2017, the StrongArm team engaged 10XBeta to design and develop the next generation of the FUSE sensor and docking station, a wearable sensing system that compliments their extensive software and data analytics platform which uses machine learning to monitor the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.



StrongArm enlisted 10XBeta to redesign the FUSE system to allow for additional sensing technology while simultaneously miniaturizing the electronics, addressing system ergonomics and overall brand form.

10XBeta zeroed in on a three-part system which included the lightweight wearable sensor unit, a breathable sensor harness worn across the chest, and a smart charging dock, capable of serving small and large teams.

Sensor Solo

The FUSE collaboration benefited greatly from the close proximity of both StrongArm and 10XBeta inside New Lab. Rapid ideation with the StrongArm team enabled an evolving, co-design process between teams. Complementary skill-sets allowed us to accelerate the development process with scalability and risk reduction in mind. Both teams worked together daily brainstorming, sketching and reviewing, ultimately settling on a set of Design Guidelines that would allow for accelerated decision making processes.

The result, a robust sensor system industrial athletes are proud to wear.


  • Ergonomic

  • Robust Sensing

  • Breathable & Secure

  • Durability

  • 35%+ Weight Reduction

The FUSE sensor features a sleek and lightweight design utilizing algorithmic software to produce a design language—not possible with conventional parametric modeling software—that rings true to the original cutting-edge StrongArm concept. Additionally, the design houses an IP65 rated waterproofing membrane, making the sensor housing indestructible.

The sensor locks into a breathable, lightweight chest harness constructed as a two-point adjustable strap, allowing it to comfortably fit around the body and not interfere with the Industrial Athlete’s daily activities. When worn, the harness positions the sensor in front of the ribcage for optimal environmental sensing and data collection.

Strongarm Texture-01_webres.png

At the end of a day's work, the sensor and harness are returned to a central docking station which allows for both charging and downloading of sensor data. The dock is equipped with a touchscreen where users can review data from the previous day and learn how they might improve workday body movements and actions. The dock being the central hub of the FUSE system, the dock design is both unifying and engaging, and while an overall exuding performance-based aesthetic. Through a low profile base and angular faceting, the dock has an overall robust aesthetic with design elements often reserved for consumer electronics. Each sensor charging cradle is equipped with a magnetic connection point ensuring returned sensors seat correctly, and predictably, for effective data collection and charging.

10XBeta also facilitated design and manufacturing of internal electronics and supported initial pilot run of hard and soft goods through our global network of vetted vendors.

The project was completed March of 2018 and has since gone on to manufacturing. Initial user testing confirmed harness comfort and sensor clip reliability, and verified overall user experience workflow.

We are very excited to see the FUSE project on Industrial Athletes around the world, keeping them safe and in-the-know about how their environment affects performance.



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