Meet the team.

We’re a team of teams, capable of anything. With our elite in-house team and global network of domain experts, 10XBeta leverages decades of design and development expertise to accelerate the framing of problems and validation of solutions in pursuit of creating tomorrow's products and experiences.


Marcel Botha, Founder & CEO

Marcel Botha is an entrepreneur, engineer, architect, and investor who experiments with simple hardware ideas on the edge between consumer and medical products, commercializing relevant experiments when they arise. Marcel specializes in guiding product development teams from concept to viable product and has a passion for product acceleration and digital manufacturing.

Colin Kelly, Director of Design

Colin is Director of Design based in 10xBeta’s Brooklyn headquarters where he oversees design efforts company-wide. He specializes in strategic industrial design, helping companies invent and realize new products, services and experiences that build their brands and businesses through design. Previously, Colin led design at a healthcare startup in the Bay Area. Before that, he worked in design consulting at Smart Design and Redscout in New York City. His work has accumulated a number of industry awards including an IDEA Gold, IDEA Silver, iF Product Design Award and a Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award. Colin was also named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2014.

Caitlin Dickerboom, Director of Operations

Caitlin Dickerboom is a business and operations strategist who develops and leads internal operations, while creating collaborative learning environments for high-functioning teams. With a background in biochemistry, healthcare ethics, and design management, she applies systems thinking and process design to internal and venture initiatives.


Owen Trueblood, Creative Technologist

Owen Trueblood is an engineer with experience across many aspects of electrical and software engineering. In his consulting practice for hardware startups he assisted the earliest stages of product development, designing and implementing electronics, firmware, and software applications to bring a product idea from concept through prototyping, manufacturing, and into the hands of initial users. As an artist Owen seeks to illuminate narrative worlds hidden in byzantine systems. From designing handheld electronic musical instruments to writing real-time control software for applying industrial robot arms to painting and writing compilers for esoteric processor architectures Owen finds endless fascination in the machines that run our high tech world.

Christina Sicoli, Creative Director

Christina Sicoli is an industrial and brand designer, specializing in creating experiences through products. With a diverse background, her process is defined by the ability to blend interior, industrial, and graphic field experience into different design approaches. Her work focuses largely on examining relationships between people, objects, and environments to create meaningful interactions; challenging people to look past objects, and engage in their surroundings. Sicoli’s minimalist style distills objects to their fundamental purpose, providing reason for her design decisions. This ensures simple yet engaging pieces which aim to stay with their users for years to come.

Michael Circosta, Director of Engineering

Michael Circosta is a mechanical engineer with over fifteen years experience taking products from sketch through high-volume mass-production. He has developed successful products in a wide range of markets including apparel, injection-molded consumer goods, and high tolerance mechanical assemblies. Michael also brings a wealth of model making and fabrication experience to the team. This enables him to efficiently construct models and test fixtures to both drive design decisions and validate product performance.


Jan Du Preez, Senior Industrial Designer

Jan du Preez is an industrial designer with more than a decade of experience in product design. He has collaborated on several projects to achieve prestigious awards like the Red Dot Design Award. From concepts that are playful to the technical side of engineering his work ranges from consumer electronics, medical device design, architectural installations, jig and tool design, and interactive kiosks. Combined with a good understanding of the client’s needs and an in-depth understanding of manufacturing, he has successfully positioned numerous products on the global market.

Johan Bredenkamp, Senior Industrial Designer

Johan Bredenkamp is an Industrial Designer, keen camper, and sports lover. With over 19 years of experience in product design, short run, and mass production, Johan is inspired by functional aesthetic design that pushes technical boundaries to deliver within time and budget constraints. These include consumer products, medical products, packaging, and furniture products. Johan has a thorough understanding of all processes involved with new product development with a passion to design products to have value for both client and end user by balancing Features, Quality, Aesthetics, Development Costs, and Unit Price. For the past 11 years he has acted as Product Design Manager, developing products pre-funding and understands the importance of determining where you are in the development phase and where you want to end up.

Geoff LaCorte, Industrial Designer

Geoff is an Industrial designer with a diverse background in product design who continually seeks to invent new and engaging products. His relentless passion for design has him constantly seeking ways to adapt newly discovered insights to create original and compelling designs. He strives to elevate a product’s experience and purpose, by exploring the intersections where research, functional design and sophisticated aesthetics converge, to create holistic design solutions. His design approach supports companies who wish to develop ideas, strategically aimed at making an impact and disrupting industry norms. From inception to the most technical production details, Geoff’s end-to-end product experience helps transform concepts into realities.


Manuel Toscano, Head of Europe

Manuel Toscano is a designer, entrepreneur, teacher, and facilitator who bridges business and design by combining a deep expertise in developing and implementing communication strategies with an unmatched ability to craft compelling visual storytelling. Manuel specializes in drafting narratives that enable new ideas, products, and offerings to be embraced by users becoming meaningful brands and experiences in their lives. He is passionate about social impact and making change that is lasting and sustainable.

Thomas Lloyd, Mechanical Engineer

Thomas Lloyd is a multidisciplinary mechanical engineer with experience in robotics design, renewable energy and both aerial and underwater autonomous vehicles. Thomas brings a combination of creative and technical skillsets rooted in a nature centred mindset he developed as a New Zealand native. Thomas has worked professionally in action sports photography in New Zealand, Japan, and Korea in addition to competing in the skiing, cycling and climbing he photographs.

Ashley Hofkens, Studio Manager

Ashley Hofkens is a studio and brand manager with a diverse background in management, project coordination, planning, and social media. Her experience in the autism field and commitment to NYC based anti-trafficking organization, Nomi Network, drives her passion for creative projects with social impact. She strives to create an environment where teams can thrive by combining organization, creativity, and brand awareness. She is passionate about being a part of a team that has a thoughtful approach to design.