Secure delivery of controlled substances.

Powerful drugs often bring immense benefits to those suffering with illness and often fall into misuse if not managed well. 

In partnership with Dr. Kyle Lapidus, a pioneering psychiatrist and neurologist specializing in Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD), we sought to create a device that would allow him to better treat his patients suffering from TRD using the effective and highly-controlled substance, ketamine. Working together we co-invented Validose, the first smart, connected, and secure intranasal device for the delivery of highly-controlled substances.


Co-inventor Dr. Kyle Lapidus, board-certified psychiatrist and neurologist, specializes in managing Treatment-Resistant Depression (or TRD)—a form of depression that is unresponsive to traditional treatments. TRD affects nearly 50% of those diagnosed with depression. Through off-label use of the highly controlled substance—ketamine—Dr. Lapidus has spearheaded research into treatment for TRD, leading the FDA to deem ketamine a breakthrough therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression in August of 2016. 


Together with Dr. Lapidus, we created Validose, the first smart, connected, and secure intranasal medical device for delivery of controlled substances. Patients can safely and securely dispense the prescribed medication, while alleviating concerns of misuse or abuse. 

The device registers the patient’s fingerprint in office with their physician and pairs with our proprietary physician portal. Then, the physician inputs the patient’s dosage, which is converted to a number of pumps, as well as the dose frequency, which specifies the device lockout period between doses. Patients can then easily unlock their device remotely and administer their prescription.

On the backend, devices are connected to proprietary HIPAA compliant software that allows physicians to track usage, tailor dosing, communicate with patients directly, and receive alerts of any tampering with the devices. On the patient-side, they can easily preview the device status, view usage history, and communicate directly with their physician and pharmacy.

The first-of-its-kind device, Validose allows for the secure self-delivery of controlled substances, by combining a biometric lockout feature with a digital, IoT platform.

We’re currently finalizing design and seeking funding for the next round of development. 

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